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Producer Profile: G.H. Mumm

Country: France

Region: Champagne

Sub-Region: Reims

Winemaker: Didier Mariotti


Year Established: 1827

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About the Winery:

The story of the Mumm family stretches back to the 12th century when they were barons and knights in present-day Germany; the family has been in the wine business since 1761 when they launched as Rhine valley wine producers and merchants under the name P.A. Mumm (for its owner, Peter Arnold Mumm). 

During a period in which Germany and France enjoyed good relations, Mumm established a new branch of the family company in Reims, realizing the immense business potential of Champagne.  Quality was tantamount for the three Mumm brothers; in fact, their house motto is “only the best.” As a result of that unwavering dedication to quality, Mumm is the third largest Champagne producer today, and one of the most iconic wine brands around the world.

Maison Mumm’s vineyards encompass 218 hectares (160 of them Grand Cru plots) and is dominated by Pinot Noir for the house’s signature fruit-driven, fresh character. The grape presses have always been installed directly in the vineyards, to ensure maximum freshness and quality. Many of these presses (including the house’s very first press) is still in use today.

The grape juice coming from these plot-specific presses are fermented separately, to preserve the unique character of each vineyard. Particularly age-worthy wines may be set aside to be made into Champagne on their own, but the rest of these wines will be painstakingly tasted and either saved for the future, or blended into a symphony of flavors that reflect the character of that vintage while remaining firmly within the distinctive house style.

Like several other Champagne houses, G.H. Mumm realized the potential of California winemaking in its nascency, and sent Guy Devaux to find the best growing sites for a sister winery in Napa Valley. The result is Mumm Napa, also available at Savi Provisions.


Wines Produced:

  • Mumm Grand Cordon
  • Mumm Cordon Rosé

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