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Oil & Vinegar

 Available at our Inman Park and Brookhaven locations!
---- Boeri (thumb)

 Frantoio Boeri
Located in Taggia, a small town in Liguria just 2 miles from the beach produce the best olive oil in the region; they still use a stone press and it's all natural. The olives that are used are called Taggiasca. The flavor is very mild with after taste of artichokes.
---- Organic Balsamic (thumb)

Organic Balsamic

 Balsamic Vinegar Bionatura
As with all bionaturæ® products, the balsamic vinegar is prepared with old world methods. No sulfites are added making a naturally pure, authentic, sourly sweet taste. Please note, our vinegar is not sulfite-free since sulfites are naturally present in grape products. A special micro filtration process reduces yeast by 100 percent. Made from Trebbiano and Lambrusco grape must, the vinegar is produced in Modena by a family that has been producing balsamic vinegar for hundreds of years. 
---- La Saba (thumb)
 La Saba
 La Saba
The Saba (Mosto d\'uva) is made from the first crushing of grape juice called "'must". Very rich in natural minerals, enzymes and sugars, it is recommended to sweeten cooked fruit or yogurt and can also be used to drizzle on spicy cheeses.
---- Rosato (thumb)

 Mazzetti Rosato Sweet Vinaigrette 16.9 oz
Rosato is a sweet and zesty vinaigrette obtained from Rosato wine vinegar and the finest grape musts. Its delicate and fruity taste makes it perfect for salad dressing, marinade preparations, to enrich sea food (tuna, tartar, oysters) and on thinly sliced raw meat (Carpaccio)
---- Unfiltered (thumb)

 San Giuliano Unfiltered
 San Giuliano extra virgin olive oil unfiltered
The Unfiltered San Giuliano Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from the freshest green fruit of the olives picked at the early stages of the harvest period. This oil is purposely not filtered preserving the original characteristics of the olives. It is absolutely raw and contains all the nutrients found in the olive fruit and conserves intact the patrimony of anti-oxidants (polyphenol) and the integral naturalness of the product in its primary state. Freshness, cloudiness and light nuances of spice with a fruity note best describe the attributes of this oil.
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